Mirabelle Skipworth, who grew up in Chicagoland Illinois, is now local to Pittsburgh and plays regionally as a solo singer-songwriter and with a band. Her 5-piece band, “Mirabelle Skipworth and The Brink Of '' is self proclaimed “alt-folk”. Her folk-inspired melodies and lyrics with the alt-rock influence of her band makes for a dynamic, emotionally-intense experience. She occasionally draws on her own experiences, but often draws from books, concepts, and other people’s stories. Her album, Paraphrased in a Poet, was released Spring of 2019,  her EP, The Catalyst Has Called, was released Spring 2020, and her album, Postcards From Patmos released Dec. 12th 2020. Her most recent EP, “The Tables Trill” released Nov. 12th 2021. Her new EP, "The Morning's Malaise", was released March 2023.